Out with the old, and in with the new: it is now possible to personally invite your guests to the wedding, without actually meeting with them in-person!

No more writing, no more words! Just film a video, then choose a card style, and we’ll do the rest! Using the latest Printings In Motion technology, we offer printed greeting cards which include a digital screen and a set of speakers. Our cards offer you high quality video and sound allowing you to show and play your wedding invitation in the most pleasant and surprising way!


Step 1:

Complete our online ORDER application giving us as much information as you can, from how many guests you plan on inviting, to what ambiance your wedding will have. You will be contacted by one of our wedding specialists to better understand how we can help – because this is a highly personal endeavor, we want to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the end product.

Step 2:

Once your order is placed, you will be paired with one of our designers who will custom-make a card design that best matches your, and your loved one’s personalities. They will have an in-depth discussion with you regarding color scheme, text font, screen size, card shape, etc. You will be presented with 3 different design options specially made for you to choose from. Please note: payment is due in full before we begin the design process.


Step 3:

You provide us with a video of you and your loved one – feel free to be creative! This is your chance to tell your guests about the wedding and not just have them read about it… Perhaps you want to go back to the place the two of you met? Or have a beautiful sunset in the backdrop? Whatever setting you choose, your guests will get to see just how in love the two of you are.

Step 4:

We work our magic and before you know it – you’ve got your customized wedding video invitation cards ready to send. Sit back and watch your loved ones get just as excited about the big day as you are!!

We promise you a simple and fun experience!


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